We believe that disaster preparedness isn't about mere "survival."  It's about making the day after the disaster as much like the day before the disaster as possible.  It's about maintaining the lifestyle you have now.

True preparedness is actually simple and subtle and we are here to lay it all out for you in step-by-step fashion in the only complete guide available anywhere.  You and your family deserve to be safe, and we're here to help.

Disaster Prep 101 sets a new standard in emergency readiness info and is the only terrorism and disaster preparedness training package available that gives you the realistic educational tools you need to face the dangers, risks, threats, and challenges already thrust on our world. Numerous "free" books and websites have simplistic "emergency supply" checklists and other bits and pieces, but none are as comprehensive, focused, detailed, or as training-oriented and "plain English" as they should be. 

Though we keep referring to this as a "book," it's more of a comprehensive preparedness encyclopedia.  Scroll down to learn more about the extensive package we call a "book" and to learn more about the presentations and training available.



The Book

Who is This Book For?
It’s for you, and it’s for everyone who realizes that the ultimate responsibility for their own safety and protection rests squarely on their own shoulders. 
This book is for the individual all the way through the organized group of volunteers.  It’s for the young homemakers, the elderly retired couple, the single parent, the wealthy professional, the financially overextended family.  It’s for the members of our country’s armed forces and for all our civilian first responders who have to make sure the family they leave at home while they perform their duties is well protected.  It’s for everyone who wants to be far safer in an increasingly dangerous world, and it’s for everyone who understands that security, like charity, begins at home.

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The Author

Paul Purcell is an Atlanta-based security analyst and preparedness consultant with more than 20 years of risk management and preparedness experience. His years of investigative service have provided him with a wealth of information regarding the organization and preparation of both criminal and civil investigations and he has created The Case File to share these tools with you. .

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The Training

Whether a small group or a national event, we can provide informative and enjoyable preparedness material that works for your audience. We offer small group workshops, POST approved courses, and large scale presentations to fit every need.  

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