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Disaster Preparedness Articles

Click on the links below to download some of Paul's most recent articles.  (Free download.)


Feel free to use and distribute these articles.  Permission is granted provided they stay intact with the source included. 


Have a question you'd like Paul to answer?  Write him at paul "at" disasterprep101.com, and he'll do his best to give you the information you need.  He might not reply immediately, but he'll do his best!




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Note: For Public Sector Emergency Responders as well as Public Libraries, we offer a 16% discount and we also accept Purchase Orders.  Contact our office for additional information at info@disasterprep101.com or by phone at 770-235-1664.

Also, while continuing to travel and promote Disaster Prep 101, Paul is already hard at work creating Disaster Prep 201.  Disaster Prep 201 will contain information vital to communities and municipalities in their ongoing efforts to make our world a safer place.  As we get closer to the release of this title, we'll be making announcements.

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